Hiatus Ending Soon!

by ZappBEAST on 21st Jul 2021, 5:20 PM

Hiatus is ending soon.

In say,  a week or two. I ask that you guys are patient with the changing art style and spelling. I’m using a different set up than before, and it took a few batches for me to get used to not only the new program, but the new drawing space.


Revenant was originally done on an iPad. It had autocorrect which really helped with my dyslexia.

Now I sketch, bg, and shade on iPad, And line, do speech bubbles, and color on my new pc with a 24 inch pen display and clip studio. I’m still really adjusting and learning, so my work’s gonna look a little wonky to start off. And there's no autocorrect, so I'm more than likely going to make more typos. I’ve adjusted more than before when I started making pages again, but I just don’t have the time to go back in fix things as much as I want to.

thank you guys for waiting. I hope you're just as excited as I am.


borzoiteeth 21st Jul 2021, 5:59 PM
As a fellow dyslexic, I forgive all misspells.
Mango Cat 22nd Jul 2021, 3:04 PM
Mango Cat
Yaaaay, glad this’ll be coming back! I’m very excited! :D